Couch-to-5k: End of week two

Well, that’s the second week over. It took more than two weeks because I missed running a couple of days.

That was the first run in daylight hours, and spring is definitely here. There’s still going to be plenty of heavy rain, and maybe even snow, between now and summer, but the Sun doesn’t lie. She knows about seasons. They’re her thing.


I’m not sticking rigidly to the C-5k programme. Today I did the planned session and repeated half of it. I’m looking forward to starting week three, because it’s starting to feel like time to step it up a bit.

Discoveries of the day:

  • A new route down to the glen, that I never knew existed! This needs exploration another day
  • That this area is more drumlin-y when running than it is when walking
  • That there are far more runners about in the early afternoon than you’d think.

Aye. So, week three, Letsby Avenue!

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2 Responses to Couch-to-5k: End of week two

  1. shazruns says:

    Well done, good luck with week three

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