Run, rabbit: C25k Week two, Day two

Best run yet since I’ve restarted! The first time I’ve gone over two miles.

This really wasn’t meant to be a running blog, and I’m not going to post about every single run I do. That would bore you to tears, as much as it would me! But the odd progress report won’t hurt.

Stats: 2.01 miles, 1.5 mins running to 2 mins walking. Still at the more-walk-than-run end of the programme.

It’s strange. I could walk 25 miles at a brisk stride, no bother at all. I am, generally, pretty fit. But a brief little run can still take it out of me at this stage! Give it time. I’ll get there. I had to work hard at the end to push over that 2-mile barrier. šŸ˜‰

Observation of the day: when you’re running down suburban streets past gardens, it’s amazing how strongly scented the plants are! So much stronger than you notice when walking past. It must be the deep breathing that does it.

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2 Responses to Run, rabbit: C25k Week two, Day two

  1. I’m similar, in that I can walk for hours, but running for more than a couple of minutes leaves me breathless. I did a little bit of running tonight, around a field in the dark. I think I need to increase exercise to improve my sleep cycle and my general energy levels, so I’ll probably be doing this more often. I hope so. It’s fun, actually.


    • Yeah – it is fun! šŸ™‚ At least it is when it all goes well, anyway.
      It definitely does improve your sleep cycle too. Although granted, that might be easier to believe if I wasn’t typing this at a quarter to one in the morning…

      I’m thinking it will bring benefits for hiking, too, just in terms of greater fitness and stamina.

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