Running: Ho Yus!

20140402-002022.jpgThe River Lagan, wot I sometimes run beside (but not today)

I was a bit apprehensive about tonight’s run, because my last one, on Sunday, was horrible. My legs felt like dead leather weights, and every step was a struggle. I jacked it in after fifteen minutes, sore, wheezing and miserable.

But tonight turned the tables – it was the best run of the year so far! One of those effortless ones, where your legs take off like a wound-up clockwork toy, and you’re just a passenger sitting on top of them while they do all the work. 🙂

Stats – 3.9 miles in 30 minutes. Which by my standards is amazing, especially after Sunday. It also means I hit the 5km mark around 25 minutes! On Saturday I was aiming for 35 minutes for 5km, saying “every minute below that is a bonus”.

So yeah. I’m slightly buzzing.

Now, the Map My Run was being too generous. And by my reckoning and map measuring, it was only 3.5 miles. But that’s still a 5km well below 30 mins.

But more importantly. Forget the stats, it felt bloody brilliant! More runs like this, please!

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Couch to 5k: Moving on

For the past lot of runs I’ve been feeling that the C25k plan is holding me back, so I’m going to ditch it. It’s a good training programme, but for me, it’s done its job – and that job was really to make running a habit once again.

The principle of it – basically to build it up gradually – is perfectly sound. I’ll keep doing that, but just tailor it more to my own needs.

I started off with a decent level of fitness from hiking: some people doing couch-to-5k have obstacles to overcome in terms of age, weight, and health that I just don’t, so I’m ready for a bit more. Not to denigrate people who find it tough, far from it! They’re to be admired all the more for it – the only thing I have to overcome is plain old laziness. Some people start the programme in their sixties, after heart surgery. That’s massively more impressive, no matter about paces, times or distances.

Saturday will be my first proper 5k, and I’m looking forward to it. So, what’s the gameplan?

Well, not much. Having plans is just a way to tempt fate. 😉

But, I’ve a vague figure of 35 mins in my head. I’d settle for that for a first time. And I’ll admit to a slight bit of vanity – I’d rather not finish last, or last in age category, but I don’t care that much.

It’s three laps, so if there is a plan it’s to run two, take a walking breather for a minute or two, then run to the finish.

But we’ll see. My main priority is just to enjoy it!

No doubt there’ll be a report and photos here at some stage over the weekend.

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Couch to 5k: Week 3, Day 1.

Well, that was weird.

This is the “break-even” week of the programme, when the proportion of running is equal to that of walking. And I was expecting to find it harder. But truth be told, it was the easiest workout yet! I’m a bit disappointed it wasn’t more challenging.

I took it at a fairly relaxed pace, but the extra running meant that the average pace was chopped from 11-12 minutes per mile to 7 or thereabouts.

For day two, I think I’ll see if I can work on speed a bit more. Maybe I was too cautious – I felt like I could do it all over again when I’d finished.

Still. A little more progress every time. The shortest workout yet time-wise, but it covered the longest distance. So it’s heading in the right direction!

But I’m impatient.

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Couch-to-5k: End of week two

Well, that’s the second week over. It took more than two weeks because I missed running a couple of days.

That was the first run in daylight hours, and spring is definitely here. There’s still going to be plenty of heavy rain, and maybe even snow, between now and summer, but the Sun doesn’t lie. She knows about seasons. They’re her thing.


I’m not sticking rigidly to the C-5k programme. Today I did the planned session and repeated half of it. I’m looking forward to starting week three, because it’s starting to feel like time to step it up a bit.

Discoveries of the day:

  • A new route down to the glen, that I never knew existed! This needs exploration another day
  • That this area is more drumlin-y when running than it is when walking
  • That there are far more runners about in the early afternoon than you’d think.

Aye. So, week three, Letsby Avenue!

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Run, rabbit: C25k Week two, Day two

Best run yet since I’ve restarted! The first time I’ve gone over two miles.

This really wasn’t meant to be a running blog, and I’m not going to post about every single run I do. That would bore you to tears, as much as it would me! But the odd progress report won’t hurt.

Stats: 2.01 miles, 1.5 mins running to 2 mins walking. Still at the more-walk-than-run end of the programme.

It’s strange. I could walk 25 miles at a brisk stride, no bother at all. I am, generally, pretty fit. But a brief little run can still take it out of me at this stage! Give it time. I’ll get there. I had to work hard at the end to push over that 2-mile barrier. 😉

Observation of the day: when you’re running down suburban streets past gardens, it’s amazing how strongly scented the plants are! So much stronger than you notice when walking past. It must be the deep breathing that does it.

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Running, day 2

I did the second run tonight, a bit behind schedule. It should have been done at the weekend.

Again, no special route, and again more walking than running. But that’s all part of the plan.

Still, minor improvements: tonight was an 11-minute mile average instead of a 13-minute mile. Progress is progress!

Wednesday should be the next night, but it probably won’t be. Thursday is earmarked for hiking in the hills, so I’d rather not start the day with stiff legs.

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Running Again

running in wee white trainers
Tonight I started running again. It was the first time in…well, years probably, now that I think about it. So I’m starting from scratch with the couch-to-5k programme.

It’s not yet truly running, as at this stage it’s actually more walking than running. I felt like I could push myself more, but that’ll come. I’m just aiming to ease back into it.

Stats: 1.72 miles, about 20 minutes, about a 13-minute mile. So, not really much to write home about – but getting off my ass and starting again is half the battle!


  • Music. Could do with some music as I run.
  • Route. A nicer route would be good. I just ran up and down random streets in the area.
  • Time of day. It might be an idea to get out for a run before half ten at night! But then I’ve always been more of a night bird…

I’d rate it a 3/5 run. It felt good, I wanted to do more, and I’m looking forward to the next day.

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